Small Electrical repairs

Unlike most companies here at Lymm Electrical we don’t just repair the big appliances but we can repair the little ones too.

From kettles and toasters to hair-dryers and lamps we can repair a wide range of small household electrical items. Far too often potentially repairable items are disposed of and replaced when they could have been easily repaired at a fraction of the cost.

Our small team of locally based engineers can quickly let you know if your appliance can be repaired and what cost to expect. All of our work is guaranteed by us, and we routines run safety tests before your item is returned to you. Often it's the little things which stop an appliance from working and these can be easily repaired. If the fault is greater then we can help you to make an informed choice as to whether or not the appliance is economically repairable.

Lamps Hairdryers Hair Straighteners
Kettles Toasters Hoovers

We also regularly repair GHD hair straighteners as well as other brands. With their heavy purchase price it is almost certainly worth checking that they can be repaired before consigning them to recycling.